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Working Principle And Main Types Of Dry-hand Dryer
Nov 27, 2017

The working principle of the dry hand: when the sensor in the dry hand detects the signal (hand), the signal is then switched on to turn on the heating circuit relays and the hair-dryer relays to start heating and blowing. When the sensor detects the signal disappears, release the contact point, the heating circuit and the blower circuit relay disconnect, stops heating, the hair.

To heat the main type and high speed wind blow dry type

The main dry-hand dryer, usually heating power is relatively large, above 1000W, and the motor power is very small, only less than 200W, the typical characteristics of the dry hand is the wind temperature is very high, depending on the high temperature of the wind, the hands of the water away, this way dry hands are relatively slow, generally more than 30 seconds, its advantages are small noise, As a result of office buildings and other needs quiet space of favor.

High-speed wind-type dry hand, characterized by a very high wind speed, up to 130 m/s, the speed of the dry hand within 10 seconds, the heating power is relatively low, only hundreds of watts, its heating function is only to maintain comfort, basically does not affect the speed of dry hands. Because the dry hands fast, by the food factory, pharmaceutical factory, electronics factory, high-end office buildings (good sound effect) and other places of welcome, the same because of low energy consumption, but also with the dry hands of paper towels speed almost, was recommended by environmentalists.