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Working Characteristics Of High Speed Blower
Sep 12, 2018

1. The wind tunnel effect caused by high speed wind blowing into the wind groove enhances and maintains high wind speed, making the water easier to be blown away.

2. The air groove can be equipped with blow top/neck and blow bottom functions to complete drying once and solve the problem of difficult drying of bottle cap.

3. The air trough can adjust the device conveniently according to the bottle/tank diameter and height, so that the efficiency is better and the adjustment is easier.

4. Adopt (food hygiene materials) 304 stainless steel style groove and a number of other accessories.

5. It is provided with drainage and drainage (wet) air ports to facilitate water diversion and exhaust.

6. Air trough (optional parts) is made of sound attenuation material and can be covered with transparent sound attenuation cover (optional parts), which is convenient for monitoring and can reduce noise. It can kill two birds with one stone.

7. There are many types and specifications suitable for drying round bottles, round cans, square bottles, square cans, large bottles, small bottles and condensate bottles.

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