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What Is The Pros And Cons Of Providing A Hand Dryer Versus Paper Towels In A Commercial Bathroom
Jun 11, 2018

cons of paper towels 

1.The cost of using paper towels is much higher than using a hand dryer. It costs an average of 200 sheets a day, how much is it a month and a year? The cost of one year's paper towels is equal to the cost of a good hand dryer. 
2.Easy to cause secondary pollution
3.From a customer's point of view, when I walk into the bathroom of a mall and see that the waste paper are scattered all over the floor , or if I wash my hands and find that there's no paper left. That's too bad. 
4.Cleaning workers need to clean up waste paper regularly .
5.Waste paper easily clogs sewers.

pros of paper towels 
The only advantage of paper towels is that customers don't have to wait, they can dry hands on the move.

pros of hand dryer 
Energy saving and environmentally friendly
2.Low running costs
3.Offer a better bathroom environment and more fun
4.Low maintenance cost

cons of hand dryer 
The bigger one - time investment