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What Is The Effect Of The Soap Dispenser?
May 21, 2018

As the social and economic rise, in front of the soap liquid device is mainly a number of star hotel decoration essential products, but now people are increasingly demanding material life, slowly soapers also enter the family, many people do not know that the soap liquid is mainly stainless steel soap liquid and plastic shell soap liquid, and the single head, double heads, today Share the advantages of the soap dispenser,

The efficiency of the soap dispenser

The main thing is to pour soap into the soap box. The soap dispenser can be used for bathing lotion, shampoo and cleaning agent.

Function, soap dispenser can be divided into two functions: lock and no lock. The hotel room soap dispenser is more suitable to choose without lock. Hotel toilets can be locked to prevent the waste of soap liquid.

The size of the soap dispenser. The size of the soap dispenser determines the amount of soap that can be placed. This can be used to select suitable products according to the actual needs of the hotel.

The function of the soap dispenser

The soap liquid is mainly used in star hotel, hotel, hotel, public place, hospital, airport, home, home, pharmacy, food, chemical, electronics, high-end office building, large shopping mall, large entertainment place, large banquet hall, hot spring resort, kindergarten, school, bank, airport terminal hall, family and so on. The ideal choice to pursue noble and elegant life!

Can the soap dispenser be disassembled

Any product will be dirty for a long time, or there is a dirty soap liquid inside the soap liquid, which needs cleaning. The usual soap liquid is divided into a spring type and a vacuum suction type. All the soap liquid can be removed and cleaned. But, in relative terms, the soap liquid of the peak cleaning bath is mostly vacuum suction. In the same way, the liquid is separated from the impurity and the vacuum is vacuum. Suction can be pumped out without manual cleaning. If you accidentally fall into a large impurity into the liquid, it can be removed and cleaned.