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What Is The Difference Between A Gas Dryer And An Electric Dryer
May 19, 2018

1. economy. Gas dryer is a direct primary energy application mode with high energy utilization and low energy consumption. The electric dryer is converted into heat energy dry clothes. It is an indirect two energy application mode, with low energy utilization and high energy consumption. Gas dryer general heat load 12.6MJ, once drying 5 kilograms of clothes 1 hours drying, consumption of gas: artificial gas 0.7m3, natural gas 0.27m3, liquefied petroleum gas 0.1kg, consumption of electricity 0.28kW, the total energy cost of about 0.9 yuan. And electric dryer general power 1.5kW, drying 2.5 kilograms of clothes 2, 3 hours drying, consumption of electricity 3kW, drying 5 kilograms of clothing according to the same year, 5, 6 hours of drying, consumption of electricity 6kW, energy total cost about 3.6 yuan. Therefore, the energy consumption structure of the gas dryer is undoubtedly more reasonable than that of the electric dryer. The dry clothes cost is 1/4 of the electric dryer, and its economy is much stronger than that of the electric dryer.

2. health. The dry clothes temperature of the gas dryer is above 600C, which has a strong bactericidal effect on bacteria or bacteria. According to the data, bacteria can kill 10000 bacterial units every 15 minutes in the 560C environment, and their concentration will decrease rapidly; according to the WHO report, the SARS virus is killed within 30 minutes at the temperature above 560C. After the SARS incident in Hongkong in 2003, the market sales of gas dryers have been booming for four years, and the number of household use has been developing rapidly. In September 2006, the Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a sampling survey of 128 washing machines that used more than half a year. 6 of the inner grooves in the washing machine were detected, the total number of bacteria was 81.3%, the total coliform detection rate was 100%, and three kinds of bacteria were detected at the same time of 54.7% washing machines.

3. therefore, washing clothes after washing clothes with traditional methods of drying clothes can not only kill bacteria, but also encounter two pollution threats and healthy clothing. Clothes dried by gas dryers can kill bacteria without being contaminated by two times. They are good for health, health, clothing and quality of life. The drying temperature of the electric dryer is generally around 500C, and the effect of killing bacteria is relatively poor.

What are the differences between the gas dryer and the electric dryer?