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The Work Principle Of Hand Dryers And High Speed Hand Dryers
Jul 05, 2018

The hand dryer is heated and dried by hot air, and the dry hand process is extremely uncomfortable. After use, the hand will have a burning sensation, especially summer. The working principle of the induction high-speed hand dryer is generally that the sensor detects the signal (hand). This signal sees the control to turn on the heating circuit relay and the blowing circuit relay, and starts heating and blowing, so that it is blown strongly by the strong wind. The high-speed hand dryer is a new update of the hand dryer products. It is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. It also effectively avoids the shortcomings of the traditional hand dryers, such as slow dry hands and high temperature burns the skin. The constantly updated AIKE high-speed hand dryer draws on all kinds of dry-hand methods, and develops new technologies to continuously break through the limitations of current hand-drying, and advocates a new type of dry, healthy, environmentally friendly, fast and comfortable.