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The Reason Why The Aike Hot Air Hand Dryer Makes The Water Evaporate Quickly
Oct 07, 2018

With regard to evaporation, the two main conditions are surface temperature and surface wind speed. The second-generation hand dryer uses a strong wind to brush off most of the surface water like a wind brush. If the heating switch is turned on, the temperature can be increased to accelerate evaporation. The hot air-drying mobile phone uses two physical principles to make the hand evaporate quickly. The first is the wind. The wind is getting faster. The faster the water evaporates, the wind is faster when we dry the clothes. The second one is hot. Don't explain what everyone knows,

If you want to do it faster: When you blow the hot air hand dryer, rub your hands back and forth, and spread the water evenly on the surface of the hand. The reason is to increase the surface area of the water, the same amount of water. The larger the contact surface, the faster the evaporation.