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The New Generation Of AIKE
Mar 21, 2018

After thousands of experiments, AIKE R & D team provides performance, reliability, durability and style for hand dryers in the product design, environmental protection and hygiene. The combination of high quality and sustainable responsibility has made us the industry standard in the hand dryer market.


In AIKE hand dryer manufacturer, we carefully designed our high-speed hand dryers with vandal-proof features such as contactless operation, durable covering materials and a stylish appearance. The new generation of AIKE hand dryer (AK2030) only dry hands within 7 to 10 seconds, which is three times faster than traditional hand dryers, and in this process they use up to 80% less energy, smart temperature control system, than traditional models are quieter. In addition, they are equipped with HEPA filtration systems to reduce air pollutants and improve hygiene quality.