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The New Deign Hand Dryer: AK2632
Jan 26, 2018

The function of air hand dryer according to the gas flow principle, it is applied optimal design of big wind wheel structure to ensure stable running of wind wheel to realize big wind and low noise. In addition, it has intelligent control inside, equipped with infrared ray transmitting/receiving devices with SCM control technique, it has stable performance and can power off after continue running for the 50s. and 8000 hours failure-free operation, adopting high-speed series integration electrical machinery. Of course, air hand dryer includes protection for over temperature and over current.


Due to over temperature and over current multi-protection for nickel-chromium heating wire with imported overheating protection, air hand dryer is safer to operate. AIKE as a professional air hand dryer manufacturer for more than 24 years, our R&D team is specialized in hand dryers and soap dispensers fields. The air hand dryers are exported to over 110 countries. We have many finished or half-finished products in our stock, it will help you to get hand dryers and soap dispensers in a shorter time.