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The Different Between Common Hand Dryer And High Speed Hand Dryer
Apr 10, 2018

There are two main methods of dry hand dryers, namely, heating-based hand dryers and high-speed air-drying dryers, both of which have their own characteristics.


Heating-based hand dryers are usually machines with relatively high heating power, and their power is above 1000W. The typical feature of this type of hand dryer is that the air temperature is very high, relying on the higher temperature of the hot air to take away the water from the human body. Drying hands in this way is slower, generally more than 30 seconds. The advantage is that the noise is small. Therefore, it is favored by office workers who need quiet space, such as office buildings.


High-speed air hand dryers feature high wind speeds of up to 130 m/s, dry hands within 10 seconds, and relatively low heating power, only a few hundred watts. The heating function of the hand dryer is only to maintain comfort and does not substantially affect the speed of dry hands. Because of the fast speed of dry hands, it has been favored by staff of food factories, cosmetics factories, pharmaceutical factories, electronics factories and other places. Moreover, this type of hand dryer has low energy consumption and meets the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection.


AIKE hand dryer manufacturer owns the world's largest hand dryer factory, about 36,000 square meters, mainly produces high-speed hand dryers, including jet hand dryers, stainless steel high-speed hand dryers, small high-speed hand dryers, etc. Compare with ordinary hand dryers, high-speed hand dryers are more hygienic, efficient and economical and are the best choice for consumers.