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The Best Hand Dryer AIKE Provided
Jul 02, 2018

Everyone like hand dryers than paper towels, cause the maintenance is cheap and energy saving. The normal hand dryer can comfortably withstand up to 300 daily uses with its motor life hours, but AK2800 stainless steel hand dryer has over 3 times the motor life hours, therefore will be able to significantly withstand higher daily use. The build quality on the AK2800 stainless steel hand dryer is very high however the steel backplate, anti-vandal screws and fixing, plus the heavy duty stainless steel case, give the AIKE series product the edge. Moreover, AIKE new product, AK2805 mini hand dryers take up a very small wall footprint, which makes it an attractive choice. There are more than 5 colors can be choose for customers, and we can accept customization. AIKE hand dryer has the reassurance of a world leader in manufacture and onsite guarantee, but if you are looking for overall value for money, then the AK2800 and AK2805 would shade this aspect due to its excellent dry times, enhanced motor life and overall build quality.