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Stainless Steel Small UV Hand Dryer
Feb 09, 2018


• THIN design with rapid drying, cost-effective and most hygienic.        

• Using highly efficient motor to create strong winds to sweep the water off from hands.
• Dry hands in 7 seconds by super-powered jet air. 
• 3-point infrared sensor.
• Brushless powerful motor and HEPA filter to create clean air without bacteria. 
• Brightness unique LED indicator.
• 25 seconds continuous timer protection.
• Clean air by UV sterilization to keep air bacteria free.
• No disposal, storage and labor cost compared with a paper towel, only clean once a day.
• Up to 90% saving compared to paper towel costs.
• Intelligent heat element active only ambient temperature is less than 25.
• ECO-friendly product by power saving clean technology.