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Safety And Hygiene Of The Hand Dryer
Apr 17, 2018

Safety And Hygiene Of The Hand Dryer:


Due to some reports about hand dryers spread of bacteria in toilets, some people may ask: Is it hygiene to use hand dryers? AIKE: Hand dryers do not gather bacteria but instead filter bacteria. The reason is as follows:

(1) Hand dryers are touch-free, which promotes hygiene.

(2) The HEPA filter can catch more than 99% of bacteria and harmful particles from the air, so that the air flowing into the hands is always clean. Moreover, the HEPA filter can be replaced at any time.

(3) Dry hands quickly within 7-10 seconds, making it much harder for bacteria to breed on the skin.

(4) Hand dryers are easy to clean inside and outside to prevent bacteria or dust.

(5) Shell material: 304 stainless steel, ABS antibacterial plastic, safe and easy to clean.

(6) UV light: They can break down micro-organisms in the surrounding air, removing their reproductive capabilities and effectively destroying them.