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Reasonable Lubrication Of High Speed Motor
Jun 02, 2018

The common lubrication modes of spindle bearings are grease lubrication, oil mist lubrication, oil and gas lubrication, jet lubrication and ring lubrication.

Grease lubrication does not require any equipment and is a common lubrication method for low speed spindle. Main shafts with dn value of more than 1.0 * 106 are usually lubricated by oil.

Oil mist lubrication is the lubrication of bearings by atomizing lubricating oil (such as turbine oil) through pressure air. This way realization is easy, simple equipment, oil mist both lubrication function, and can have the effect of cooling the bearing, but the oil mist is not easy to recycle, the environmental pollution is serious, is gradually replaced by the new way of lubrication oil and gas. [2]

Oil and gas lubrication is to take a small amount of lubricating oil to the lubricating zone of bearing uniformly along the wall of special oil and gas pipelines by compressed air at regular intervals and quantitatively without atomization. Lubricating oil ACTS as a lubricant, while compressed air ACTS as a catalyst to move the oil and cool the bearings. Oil and gas are always in a separate state, which is conducive to the recovery of lubricating oil, but there is no pollution to the environment. Implementation of lubrication oil and gas, general requirements each bearing has a separate oil and gas nozzle, have strict requirements on bearing where jet, otherwise difficult to guarantee the lubrication effect, the effect of oil and gas lubrication is also affected by the compressed air flow rate and pressure of oil and gas. Generally speaking, the increase of air flow can improve the effect of cooling, and increase oil and gas pressure, not only can improve the effect of cooling, but also helps to lubricating oil to the district of lubrication, therefore, to improve oil and gas pressure is helpful to improve the speed of the bearing. [2]

The experiment shows that the bearing speed can be increased by 20% by increasing the pressure compared with the conventional pressure. Jet lubrication is used to directly lubricate and cool the bearing with high pressure lubricating oil, which has high power consumption and high cost.

The lubrication under the ring is an improved lubrication method, which is divided into oil lubrication under the ring and oil lubrication under the ring. Implementation under the ring oil or lubricating oil and gas, oil or oil and gas from the bearing inner ring injection lubrication area, under the action of centrifugal force, lubricating oil is easy to reach bearing lubrication, so than ordinary spray lubrication and oil lubrication effect is good, can further improve the speed of the bearing, such as ordinary oil lubrication, contact Angle of ceramic ball bearing the dn value of 2.0 x 106, adopt the method of increasing oil and gas pressure dn value can be increased to 2.2 x 106, while using ring under the oil-gas lubrication can reach 2.5 x 106. [2]

The main reason that affects the high speed performance of angular contact ball bearing is that the centrifugal force acting on the ball ball at high speed and the gyro torque increase.

Increased centrifugal force will increase the friction between the ball and the raceway, and gyroscopic moment increase will make produce sliding friction between the ball and the raceway, the bearing friction calorific aggravate, thus reduce the service life of bearing.

In order to improve the high-speed performance of bearings, two methods are often adopted: [2]

The first is to reduce the diameter of the ball, such as using the standard 71900 series of spindle bearings;

The other is to use a new type of ceramic (Si3N4) material as ball bearings. Since the density of Si3N4 ceramic materials is only 40% of the bearing steel, the bearing's high-speed performance is significantly higher than that of all steel bearings. The rolling bearings used on the spindle should be pretightened in order to suppress the sliding of ball revolution and rotation during vibration and high-speed rotation and improve the precision of shaft rotation. The method of pre-tightening mainly includes constant position pre-tightening and constant force pre-tightening. [2]