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Practical And Beautiful AK2805
Oct 18, 2018

After years of technical accumulation and more than 18 months of research and development and testing, AIKE has a unique appearance and high efficiency. The micro-motor is tailored, the volume is reduced, the power is not reduced, and the AK2805 has a large air output. After being squeezed by the circular air outlet, 32 liters of gas per second reaches the hand vertically, and the hands are quickly scraped.

AIKE does not slack off the details of the AK2805. The compact internal structure and multiple noise reduction technologies firmly lock the noise and reduce the external dispersion. Compared with similar products, it is 40% lower, which is more suitable for the soft sound of public places. The air outlet is equipped with an activated carbon composite filter to block dust and bacteria, and the wind is clean to make the public hand dryer more sanitary.