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Overview Of Double-sided Jet Dryer
Nov 27, 2017

Double-sided Jet dryer is the flagship of dry hand industry products, with the world's most advanced hand-dryer manufacturing technology. High-Performance brushless DC motor, and before the carbon brush motor is not connected, the operation will not produce carbon brush dust objects, better health and safety, environmental protection. and the actual service life can reach more than 10 years; micro-computer automatic control, making the wind speed higher, more stable performance. The original infrared stroboscopic technology makes the inductor can resist strong light interference. The latest use of the four-heavy filtration configuration (Nano silver, vitamins, photocatalyst, dust), so that the air purification rate reached 99%.

Unlike ordinary dry hands, two-sided jet dryer with two strands up to 95 m/s high-speed wind to form a certain angle, the water to the bottom of the hand blown down, so as to achieve a fast dry hand device. This type of dry hand is mainly used in food factories, electronic factory dust-free workshop, airport, and so on, with the development of the Times, double-sided jet dryer gradually in China, so that more people to use for the country's energy saving, for enterprises to save money, for the public to save time excellent dry hand.