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Open The AIKE Hand 2.0 Era
Nov 22, 2018

AIKE focuses on the black hand and continues to develop in the small hand. The 2018 new AIKE FUN series came out, subverting the tradition, and Ike entered the era of dry hands 2.0. The hand dryer is no longer a cumbersome machine in the bathroom, a small fashion whirlwind, and a strong hand. Color stainless steel case, available in 4 colors. Small size, strong power, less than the size of an A4, is 30% of the regular model, 10 strong hand strength is still strong. The most outstanding advantage of the FUN series is that the shell is installed close to the wash basin. You can dry your hands after washing, and you can keep the floor clean and dry without moving. With AK1205 stainless steel automatic sensor soap dispenser, it becomes the strongest washable CP of Aike in the year. It is washed and dried first, and it is widely accepted by customers.

         80% of the disease is spread through contact, and wet hands are more likely to breed bacteria. Ike has always been committed to making the dry hand easier and healthier, and has been highly recognized by all walks of life at home and abroad. Ike hand dryers have been deployed in more than 110 countries and regions around the world, and are tested by millions of users around the world.