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One Of The Quietest Jet Hand Dryer In The World
Feb 22, 2018

Unlike other jet hand dryers, AK2006H collects any wastewater ready to be disposed of later. No water on the floor, no-slip hazard, and no mess. Save time, stay healthy and stay clean. Now fitted with a high-quality HEPA filter as standard, The AK2006H is the hygienic, fast, efficient and stylish way to dry hands in any washroom using 85 to 90% less energy than older conventional hand dryers with a high-speed vacuum motor saves energy using only 650 watts of power. Speed adjustment with power on/off switches and heater on/off switches give you greater control over the unit allowing you to save energy. The AK2006H keeps energy consumption to a minimum, reduces noise level, only 72-75 dB and makes the unit more enjoyable to use and less intrusive. AIKE hand dryer manufacturers can provide OEM/ODM services.