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Motor: The Core Components Of The Hand Dryer
Apr 08, 2018

The motor is the most important part of the hand dryer. The quality of the motor is directly related to the life span of the entire hand dryer, the location of adaptation, and energy efficiency. At present, more than 80% of hand dryers in the market mainly use brushed motors. The main disadvantages of these hand dryers are that they have a short service life. Brushed motors are used to easily wear the rotor of the motor. Brushed motors are used. The use of carbon brushes in general use for one year is a costly issue for the hand dryer industry. In particular, almost no production company in the industry can provide on-site service and is not supported by professionals. Durables will become semi-durable goods. Some companies produce hand dryers and even become "quick expendables." Once purchased, they will "get more harm than good," and there is no way to use them. White pollution also occurs. Therefore, if you want to solve the problem of the service life of your hand dryer, you must start with the heart. Using a brushless motor is the most direct way to solve a brushed motor.


Aike Electric Co., Ltd. has 24 years of experience in motor R&D. It is a leader in the field of brushless motors. Its brushless motor motor is used in double-sided high-speed hand dryers, and has a non-destructive operation for 1 million hours.