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Jet Hand Dryer, A Different Star
Jan 25, 2018

AIKE jet hand dryer is equipped with a DC brushless motor, the motor is a core of hand dryer, and DC brushless motor is an important technology in AIKE, we developed DC brushless motor for more than 24 years, and now used in jet hand dryers.


Designed for 7 years of service at 1000 uses daily. It is imported ABS durable body and painted with white, silver or customize colors. There are top and bottom sensors. A sensor located at the bottom of the unit detects fully inserted hands and initiates the airflow. A sensor located at the top can sense when hands are withdrawn, automatically stop. Hands do not touch any part of the hand dryer, making touch-free design superbly hygienic.


AIKE jet hand dryer, dry hands for 7-10 seconds, with 20000 RPM motor. It will stop heating automatically when the ambient temperature is higher than 25ºC, and it will start heating automatically when the ambient temperature is less than 25ºC.