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Introduction To The Jet Dryer
Nov 27, 2017

What was the first "jet dryer" \ "Jet dryer"? There is also a story, as early as in 2003, Mitsubishi's double-sided dry hand to the domestic market, the Chinese feel better, both sides of the wind is very strong, like high-pressure air jet out of the same, shot in the hands of a very massage feeling, and then it began to imitate , the period also once and Japan's Mitsubishi in Shanghai, after a few twists and turns in the domestic sales managers of the class, brainwave, simply give this type of product a special name: "Jet dryer, Jet dry phone," Let it and the traditional hand-dryer distinction, since then began the traditional dryer revolution, we all know, Traditional dryer generally want to in a short time (a few seconds in time) can not do hands, with this strong double-sided design, dry hands, dry cell phone revolution began. 

Therefore, this kind of word in the later salesman's inheritance and the effort, quickly in the industry promotion, thus has this kind of term.

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