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How A Hand Dryer Works
Jun 27, 2018

The heating device of dry cell phone

The heating device has no heating device, PTC, electric wire.

1. No heating device, as the name implies, no heating device

It is suitable for places with strict temperature requirements and places with frequent use of dry mobile phones.

For example: frozen vegetables, frozen dumplings packaging car will

2. PTC heating

PTC thermistor heating, because as the change of environmental temperature, the PTC heating power changes, the PTC heating power increases in the winter, dry cell phone blow out of the warm air temperature also increases, energy conservation and environmental protection.

PTC is characterized by good constancy of temperature, but it also has some disadvantages, that is, it is not as fast as the heating wire temperature.

3. Electric heating wire

The traditional heating wire, the wind temperature rises quickly, but the wind temperature is not constant, the wind temperature is easy to be high, the opponent has burns.

High speed dry cell phone use the heating wire and the CPU with temperature sensor control way, to achieve the effect of air temperature rising fast and constant, even if the wind speed up to 100 meters per second, dry cell phone can also blow out a constant low.

Generally, the dry cell phone with wind as the main heating supplement is relatively noisy, while the hot air dry cell phone with heat as the main heating source is more noisy

Small, enterprises can choose according to their actual situation.