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High Speed Motor Maintenance Method
Jun 02, 2018

For high speed motor, the general method of maintenance of ordinary motor, may not be able to repair, after repair, may not be able to use for a long time. According to domestic and foreign practical experience. The different maintenance methods of high speed motor with 20000RPM and general low speed motor are introduced. [3]

Remove the armature

Observe whether there is any spark between the carbon brush and commutator during the operation of the motor. It indicates that both the carbon brush and commutator are normal and need not be repaired. (2) there are only two or four small sparks. At this time carefully observe the commutator surface if flat. Most of the time you don't have to fix it; (3) in addition to r, there are 4 minimal sparks with F, and another 1-3 large sparks, so there is no need to remove the armature, just use sandpaper to grind the carbon brush commutator; (4) if there is a big spark on four, the commutator needs to be rubbed with sandpaper, or even carefully added to the commutator. The carbon brush and armature must be removed. Of course, after a large commutator is processed, it is necessary to replace the carbon brush and grind the carbon brush. [3]

Remove the method

Since vibration damages the brush when removing the cap and armature, the brush should be removed from the brush holder first. The Angle between the two carbon rings is not necessarily the same as that of the steering device. In order to ensure that the left and right carbon brushes will not be reversed during installation, they must be removed before the carbon brushes are removed. Mark the left and right carbon brushes. Also, make sure not to break the interface between the carbon and the commutator. [3]

One end of the high-speed motor generally have a cooling wind flow field, on the other end there may be a speed measurement using magnetic steel or speed ring when removing a cooling fan blade and magnetic steel or speed ring must be careful, can't put the fan's leaf, speed measuring magnetic steel touch bad. Next to the fan shaft sleeve or between magnetic steel axle sleeve and axle also proud a mark, so that after the repair can be installed according to the original marks for the dynamic balance test of high-speed motor is with the blades or speed ring (speed measuring magnetic steel), so when the assembly, must according to remove the mark when the assembly that is trivial in general motor repair, I face in high-speed motor repair can be about the big picture. Because once the speed ring or fan piece is damaged, or the section is assembled according to the mark, even if other parts are well repaired. After assembly, the unbalanced vibration of the whole machine may also be caused when running at high speed. [3]

Removing high-speed motor, not with a hammer, punch. And other hard knock hard to pry it with Lamar, should pay attention to when using Lamar: pull a top to top on the top eye directly, to the Lamar's top and the top of the eye with a protective MATS, its purpose is to protect the top on the armature shaft eye damage is avoided. [3]

The fixed end cover

Mark the seven lower end covers before removing them. So that it can be fixed as it is. Remove the bearing should be washed carefully on the armature, clean with a clean air when curtilage petrol, gas dry reoccupy after 7014 (or 7018) bearing grease filling bearing chamber (high speed of the motor bearing can't use common butter, molybdenum disulfide). Keep it in a clean place. If the commutator's surface is flat and has a purple sheen, this is the oxide layer that protects the commutator's surface, removing the powder from the surface with a soft brush.