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High-speed Hand Dryer
Oct 30, 2018

High-speed hand dryer: The high-speed hand dryer is an improvement on the hand dryer. The lower motor power is easy to save power, and the multiple clean functions are built in. It is healthy and environmentally friendly, and it also creates a comfortable dry hand experience.

  1. Multiple cleanliness, dry hands are healthier

Lessons from the hand dryer to easily cause bacterial growth, high-speed hand dryer design 4 heavy clean function (shell A new combination of ABS resin and specific antibacterial agent, bacteriostatic into the internal machine; filter screen at the air inlet, filter dust, bacteria; built-in HEAP high-efficiency filter; UV UV lamp purification), to ensure that the air used by dry hands is more Clean, contrast paper towels, hand dryers, and care for your hands.

2. Save resources and have little impact on the environment

The use of high-speed hand dryers can save up to 68% of paper towels, eliminate the need for large amounts of wood, and reduce the production of up to 70% of carbon dioxide; and no waste waste requires post-treatment, with little impact on the environment.

3. Low-cost operation, real energy saving

The hand dryer uses a heating element, which is environmentally friendly but still very energy-intensive. Hand dryer heating power up to 2200w, single-day electricity consumption: 50s * 2.2kw / 3600 * 1.2 yuan / degree * 200 times = 7.34 yuan, and Ike developed high-performance high-speed hand dryer summer single-day electricity consumption: 10s*0.55kw/3600*1.2 yuan/degree*200 times=0.367 yuan, winter single-day electricity consumption: 10s*1.45kw/3600*1.2 yuan/degree*200 times=0.967 yuan. Low-cost operation, the cost of using a paper towel or a hand dryer is enough for a high-speed dry hand dryer 12 pairs, and the high-speed hand dryer compares the hand dryer to save 87%-95% of the power consumption, truly saving energy. Consumption.

4. Use for more than 10 years, more cost-effective in the long run

At present, the price of the Ike high-speed hand dryer is 3-4 times that of most hand dryers in the market, but the Ike high-speed hand dryer adopts the self-made motor of the Ike factory, which can last for more than 10 years; it can save 87%-95. % electricity bill, compared to the hand dryer, using the Ike high-speed hand dryer for 1 year can save money for the purchase of 2 original machines, which is more cost-effective in the long run.

5. Upgrade technology, better motor

The hand dryer mainly relies on the heating wire and has low technical content. The Ike high-speed hand dryer has higher motor control technology, and the motor is self-made. The heat energy inside the machine is mechanical energy, which improves the air volume, lowers the temperature, and matches the updated high-end integration. Handle the electric board to create a better hand dryer "inner heart".

Quickly dry in more than 6.10 seconds Effectively avoid the shortcomings of traditional hand dryers, and increase the air volume to an average of 30L/s. The large air volume ensures quick drying in more than 10 seconds without waiting. 7.20-40° dry hand is more comfortable Effectively avoiding the shortage of the dry temperature of the traditional hand dryer, the temperature is automatically adjusted within the range of 20-40° human body, and the dry hand experience is more comfortable.

8. Many intelligent, humanized design

Aike high-speed hand dryer research and development of many intelligent functions such as intelligent regulation of wind temperature, intelligent induction of wind, automatic sensing dry hand distance, multiple clean, etc., multiple humanized design to optimize dry hand effect.