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Hand In Hand World Toilet Day To Create Toilet Civilization
Jan 06, 2018

"World Toilet Day" was put forward/proposed by World Toilet Organization in 2001, to promote the healthy drinking water and basic sanitation infrastructure, mainly purpose is established for highlights environmental health crisis that the poor faced, committed to improving clean, comfortable and health environment for everyone. The event was be established “World Toilet Day” on November 19 each year, which hope to work together to improve the world's environmental health problems through people all over the world.


"World Toilet Day" reflected that favorable and comfortable toilet environment is not only a fundamental demand in people’s daily life, but also is a significant symbol of economic power and civilization of country. China as the biggest developing country in the world, focused on the problem of toilet environment long time ago. In the early 2015, toilet revolution was presented by China, committed to promote the construction of toilet civilization in tourist attractions. Moreover, China have been achieved effective results through continuous efforts.


AIKE as the biggest hand dryer manufacturer in China, which played an important role in toilet revolution of China. We assist the National Tourism Administration with professional hand dryer services for many tourist attractions, also have been focusing on world toilet environment problems and positive to provide dry solutions of people after wash. Solving the problem of toilet environment is a long term and hard work, It is believed that toilet hygiene worldwide can be improved continuously with our joint efforts.