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Hand Dryer For Hospital
Mar 22, 2018

Nowadays, hospital is experiencing changing regulations and requirements, including a healthy environment and cost saving. By replacing paper towels with energy-efficient, high speed hand dryers, hospital can significantly cut costs by eliminating paper and reduce maintenance needs in restrooms, all while improving sustainability and providing that all important hygienic environment for patients and visitors. AIKE hand dryer (AK2030) has answered this call with several newer automatic hand dryer features that embed anti-microbial additives that use disinfectant substances to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as germs, mold, and bacteria as a way of further improving the hand hygiene process. 

Moreover, it is very important to give patients clean environment, AIKE jet hand dryer already solve those problems, double HEPA filter inside 99.9% of the bacteria, provides absolute pure air. Our AIKE hand dryer manufacturer can provide best prices and services for customers, including OEM/ODM service, and our high-speed hand dryer can be applied in different place toilets.