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Hand Disinfectant
Jun 29, 2018

Hand is the part that is most easily contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms. For everyone, hand-washing disinfection is the most basic and important disinfection work. The traditional way of disinfection can not meet the requirement of modern production, it can not reach disinfection standard, and waste a lot of disinfection materials. Although there is a strict disinfection procedure in the production process, it is difficult for traditional disinfection equipment to ensure the smooth implementation of this procedure. In developed countries, a complete set of automatic control and disinfection procedures have been established for "induction faucet hand-washing -- induction hand disinfection -- induction drying" to adapt to the fast pace and high efficiency of modern life.

Hand disinfectant is the best disinfection tool to prevent cross infection and disease from hand in modern life. Compared with the traditional pot-type soaking disinfection method, the hand disinfectant of alcohol spray has incomparable advantages: it is more economical, improves the working efficiency, and greatly reduces the production cost