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H3N2 Deadly Flu Fit, AIKE Teach You How To Avoid It.
Jan 11, 2018

With cold winter come, appeared the new flu in the world: H3N2 Deadly Flu. it spread very fast, from Austrian to the UK and some North American regions, even some Asian regions.


Generally speaking, the symptoms may be similar to a common cold, but flu tends to be more severe. Flu tends to come on in a few hours, makes you feel exhausted and affects more than the nose and throat alone. It can also lead to much more serious complications like pneumonia.


In order to prevent flu from spreading. People can prevent the virus from spreading by washing their hands regularly, covering their mouth and nose with tissues or a sleeve when they cough or sneeze, and cleaning surfaces they suspect are infected, but use towels or paper to clean hands after wash may cause the second infection. As a professional hand dryers enterprises for 23 years experiences, AIKE will provide the best solution for you. AIKE can customize Air Hand Dryer, with HEPA efficient filter to capture up to 99.9% from the air of bacteria and viruses. In addition, Customize Air Hand Dryer fast dry just need 7-10 seconds, high efficient hygiene. Finally, customers can Customize Air Hand Dryer equipped with UV light disinfection, to ensure that the hands to reach are the cleanest air.


Flu usually clears up by itself after around a week, but there are ways you can recover more quickly. So Rest, sleep, keeping warm, and drinking lots of water are all AIKE recommended.