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Features Of Hand Sterilizer
Jul 11, 2018

1. Safe quality and stable performance.

2. High efficiency, fast and contactless automatic induction spray control system.

3. Intelligent control, new humanized multi-function liquid shortage and full liquid alarm, indicator light prompt.

4. Hygienic and environment-friendly, with water tray bracket design, it can be used either on the desktop or on the wall. The tray can be used to catch the residual ejection liquid to prevent the health pollution and safety accidents caused by the drip on the ground.

5. Beautiful and durable, the whole machine shell is made of advanced 304 stainless steel, easy to maintain and durable.

Method of use

Spray mode: spray continuously, extend into the induction zone, leave the induction zone, stop

Full liquid hint: beeping sound

Undercurrent prompt: indicator light flash