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Dryer Classification
Aug 01, 2018

Dryer can be divided into industrial and civil two kinds, industrial dryer is also called drying equipment or dryer, civil dryer is one kind of washing machinery, generally after washing and dehydration, used to remove moisture from clothing and other textiles.

The working principle of ordinary conventional dryer

Under the action of the draught fan, the fresh cold air outside becomes dry hot air after heat exchange between the inlet and the heater. Then, it is discharged from the body after heat exchange with the tumbling clothes in the drum, and the clothes in the drum gradually evaporate and dry under the action of dry hot air. Since the evaporation of water in clothes requires the absorption and consumption of heat energy, the air exhaust temperature of the dryer increases with the decrease of water content in clothes. The main problems are the waste of heat dissipation from the exposed heater and the casing, and the fluctuation of steam pressure has a great influence on energy consumption.