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Dry Cell Phone Products
Nov 27, 2017

1, no heating device, as the name implies no heating device

Suitable for places where the temperature is more demanding, and where the mobile phone is used frequently,

For example: frozen vegetables, frozen dumplings packaging workshop

2, PTC Heating

PTC thermistor Heating, because as the ambient temperature changes, the power of PTC heating also changes, in the winter when PTC heating power increased, dry cell phone blowing warm air temperature rise also increased, energy saving and environmental protection.

PTC is characterized by good temperature constancy, but there is also a certain disadvantage, that is, no electric wire temperature up fast.

3, Heating wire

Traditional electric heating wire, the wind temperature rise fast, but the wind temperature constant, easy wind temperature high, opponents have burns.

High-speed dry cell phone using a heating wire and CPU with temperature sensor control, to achieve the wind temperature rise fast and constant effect, even if the wind speed up to 100 m/s, dry phone can also blow out a constant Wen Feng.