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Do You Have Paper Towels Or Hand Dryers At Your Place Of Work?
Jun 15, 2018

If you have paper towels, think back to how many you pulled out of the dispenser last time you dried your hands.

In all our calculations we work on a very conservative 2-3 towels being used each time, however a badly designed dispenser with ill fitting paper can lead to clumps of 10-20 towels or more coming out at once!

If we work of the conservative average, each dry with the paper towels will be consuming 22g/Co2 each, based on the life cycle of paper production, transportation and disposal. AIKE hand dryer will use as little as 1g/Co2 per dry.

Annually, your individual consumption as a result of using paper towels will be 26kg/co2 as opposed to the 1kg/Co2 generated by the energy efficient hand dryer.

Multiple that by your office and quite a difference, isn't it?