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Compact And Elegant Product AK2630 - K
Dec 13, 2018

Hand dryers on the market almost targeted at public toilets. There is still no such a compact and elegant product like the AK2630, fits limited space area but still meet commercial grade requirement. Founder's design, small and exquisite body, highlight the concept and pursuit of quality taste.


Up to 105 m/s air speed, its drying efficiency is batter than similar products on the market. Antibacterial ABS material provide long-term use and wear. Intelligent heating system - When ambient temperature is below 25 degrees , come out with heated airflow. Otherwise with normal airflow. We have added the intelligent temperature control switch, if you do not like heated airflow, just press the switch and it will always be normal airflow. In addition, AK2630 have 45s overtime protection and leakage protection, safer to use.

Whith its excellent performance and unbelievable price, the AK2630 is AIKE hand dryers most popular dryer.