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China Air Hand Dryer Suppliers
Feb 08, 2018

Dual sides auto jet hand dryer: Energy saving, low noise, and quick drying.

Integrated with high-tech and excellent performance for this double air injection hand dryer.

Main features:

(1)  To dry your hands instantly by high-speed dual-air stream within 7 seconds.

(2)  Low energy consumption and high efficient working performance than the traditional single motor dryer.

(3)  With multiple safety protectors: Over-current protection, short circuit protection system.

(4)  AC carbon brush motor.

(5)  Widely used in office building, hotel, hospital and other places.


Technical details.

1. Motor power: 1200-1900W

2. Voltage: AC 220-240V.

3. Motor type: Carbon brush motor.

4. Wind speed: 95m/s.

5. Drying hands within 5-7seconds.

6. Control method: Microcomputer.


N. W: 8.5KGS

G. W: 10KGS

Dimensions: W300XD220XH690MM

Meas: L74.5XW35XH28CM