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Best Hand Dryer For School
Feb 24, 2018

Both environmentally friendly and hygienic, redefine the hand after washing. Equipped with a new generation of Ike system, enhance the "hand dry hair" hand dry efficiency at the same time, hand hygiene for the design of a new "absorbent hand" function, leave towels and tissues. In line with the modern aesthetic design, the use of stronger scene compatibility, into more humane design.

It is our best hand dryer. Infrared Smarter sensing technology. Equipped with Ike new chip + infrared sensor, reach into the sensing range, automatically open the work, Shouzhezhuan, zero distance control. Sensitive long-lasting effect does not decay.

It can be used for school. Goodbye wet dirty hands, hands clean and fresh. Zero distance operation, hands after hand placed in the AK2630T outlet, to avoid prolonged use of towels to wipe his hands, resulting in breeding bacteria and paper towels to wipe his hands caused by environmental problems. Express dry hands, no contact with the operation.