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Basic Knowledge Of Automatic Induction Products
Nov 27, 2017

As the name implies, induction is the meaning of the sense, on the technical level, the dictionary is interpreted as "some objects or electromagnetic devices by the electric field or magnetic field of the effect of the electromagnetic state of the change, called induction, also called induction."

What is induction faucet, induction ware?

In brief, the faucet or sanitary ware with inductive function can be called inductive faucet or inductive sanitary ware, whether it is inductive water or water, inductive light, inductive sound or other actuation after induction ...

Inductive faucet (sanitary ware) principle

The sensing faucet (sanitary ware) is equipped with the control system, which contains the detection, processing and execution parts, and when the detection part detects the person or the corresponding other object, the process is processed and the actuator (such as the solenoid valve) is driven by the preset mode.

Type of induction ware

From a technical point of view, induction ware can be classified from multiple angles.

From the perspective of the used detection technology, can be divided into microwave mode, pyroelectric infrared mode, infrared mode (microwave mode is through the microwave distance detection or a certain range of obstacles appear in order to achieve induction, pyroelectric infrared mode is through the detection of a certain range of heating objects are mainly emitted by the human body of the specific frequency of infrared light to achieve induction, Infrared mode is mainly by emitting infrared radiation through a certain range of obstacles in the reflection or blocking to achieve induction.

From the point of view of the source of the inductive signal is divided into active induction and passive induction, such as microwave mode is through the emission of microwave through reflection to detect, infrared mode is also a transmitter, reflection principle, so these two can be called active, pyroelectric Infrared is to accept the outside heat release infrared and work, is passive

From the circuit point of view can be divided into analog and digital, analog circuits to achieve the analog, by the chip program control is digital.

From the application point of view, the type of induction ware is multifarious, for the water outlet of the induction faucet (mainly installed in the basin), induction nozzle (mainly installed in the pipeline), induction soap liquid machine, inductive flush, and so on, as well as induction light, sterilization, audible other kinds of sanitary ware ...