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Automatic Soap Dispenser Is More Hygienic And Environmentally Friendly
Nov 05, 2018

Induction soap dispenser is environmentally friendly, infrared electronic sensor, non-contact, safe and convenient, effectively preventing bacterial infection; completely replacing bottled shampoo and body wash, thus solving a series of pollution caused by waste rubber bottle problem. Induction soap dispensers are inexpensive and easy to install; large spokes reduce the cost of consumables and directly increase economic efficiency.

Induction soap dispenser automatically induces fluid to avoid secondary cross infection. The unique music sound function makes it easier for parents to supervise whether the child washes their hands. The induction soap dispenser saves energy and saves 4 AAA alkaline batteries for about 6 months. The sensor soap dispenser is beautifully designed and compact, and it is a beautiful accessory for the home. The induction soap dispenser is excellent in corrosion resistance, and the surface of the product is bright and radiant. It is suitable for hotels, hotels, office buildings and home use.