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Application Of Air Knife Dryer
Sep 10, 2018

The air knife dryer is applied to the characteristics of different series of air knives (such as universal type air knife, stainless steel air knife, precision type air knife, curved type air knife, hot air knife, etc.), together with the design for the main body of the drying process, so as to achieve the purpose of timely drying. In addition to general application in beverage bottles, beer bottles and cans, it can also be applied in flat plates (such as glass plates, steel plates, etc.), rollers, soft packaging, batteries, small bottles (no more than 100ml). Through special design, it can also be applied in square bottles, condensing bottles and large bottles (5gal).

The air knife dryer adopts stirring hot fan and circulating hot air knife. In addition to giving play to the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving of hot air circulation, it can directly heat, control temperature and adjust air volume and wind direction, so as to achieve the results of hot air drying, thermal shrinkage and heat treatment faster, more accurately and uniformly.