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AIKE Wish You A Merry Christmas
Dec 23, 2017

Christmas is approaching. Thank you for customers’ greetings to AIKE, and AIKE wish everyone in every corner of the world a merry Christmas day.

Christmas is also known as the western traditional festival, which falls on December 25 each year. The night before Christmas day, on December 24, is usually called Christmas Eve. It is said that on Christmas Eve every year, the old man will drive reindeer and the sleigh loaded with a lot of gifts to give to the children who have performed well in the past year. But the most important thing is to have a merry Christmas Day, whether the gift is sent by Santa or by parents.

In the Christmas Eve, every family prepares a lot of delicious food, enjoy the exaltation of the festival and the happiness of reunion. Look back to past, AIKE hand dryers have spent 23 Christmas Days with people from more than 110 countries in the world and will enter more and more families. AIKE achieved excellent results in efficiency, services, sales, reach and customer satisfaction in the past. And the sales increased 35% compared with last year. In addition, ten years’ cooperation between AIKE and Alibaba was witnessed in this year, and we acquired "develop together" honor of Alibaba. We will continue providing best services for customers and improve it constantly.

Last but not least, Merry Christmas and don’t forget to wash your hand before having the delicious foods!