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AIKE Tell You Which Hand Dryer Is Suitable Use For School
Mar 07, 2018

If you are looking for the perfect hand dryer which would fit the requirements of a school, college, university or any other educational establishment, then we can give you a better choice, AIKE hand dryer.


AIKE company are able to help all sizes of the educational establishment with hand dryers. No matter whether you are calling from a small day or primary school, or 1000 pupil Academy, or a multiple site university, Utility Rentals will be able to put together the perfect hand dryer rental solution for you.


All the hand dryers available are energy efficient, high powered dryers which not only save energy and reduce the running costs, but they also really do dry the users hands…I’m sure we’ve all used one of those old dated hand dryers which leaves us walking away from the bathroom whilst drying our hands on our trouser legs!


There is a large range of dryers available from traditional style “hands under” dryers to the new “hands in” dryers – like the AK2030. AIKE can even provide child-friendly dryers which are quieter and perfect for young children in primary schools.