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AIKE Green Hand Dryer Manufacturer
Mar 12, 2018

In general, hand dryers are the most suitable solution for efficiency and ecological issues. But while the paper mill industry is providing erroneous theories on health issues, they encourage large-scale destruction of trees for dry hands. For example: A ton of paper requires 17 trees. In 2017, when the earth faces major environmental problems, we cannot accept this. The motivation for our AIKE Handicraft manufacturers is to promote the use of cost-effective, ecologically-friendly, and highly efficient hand dryer systems. Hand dryers have become an important part of the market and are growing. In addition, hand dryers are commonly used in the food industry, health and leisure facilities, and industrial and office buildings. We have great potential to replace more and more paper and fabric towels to provide consumers with prompt, efficient, and noisy Small hand dryer.