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Working principle and troubleshooting of dry-hand dryer
Nov 27, 2017

The working principle of the dry hand is usually detected by the sensor (hand), this signal is controlled to turn on the heating circuit relay and the hair-dryer relay, and start heating and blowing. When the sensor detects the signal disappears, release the contact point, the heating circuit and the blower circuit relay disconnect, stops heating, the hair. Dry hand malfunction Phenomenon 1: Hand into the hot air outlet, no hot air blowing, only the cold wind blowing.

Analysis and overhaul: The actual drawing related circuit is shown in Fig. 1. There is a cold wind blowing, indicating that the hair dryer electrical work, infrared detection and control circuit is normal. Only the cold wind, indicating the heater breaker or the wiring loose. After inspection, heater wiring is loose. After the heavy connection, there is hot air blowing, troubleshooting.

Symptom 2: After power. The hand has not been placed in the hot air outlet. The hot air blows out of control.

Analysis and maintenance: Through investigation, SCR can not penetrate the phenomenon, suspected is the photoelectric coupler ③, ④ foot inside the photosensitive tube leakage breakdown. After replacing the photoelectric coupler, the work returned to normal, troubleshooting.

Symptom 3: Hand into the hot air outlet, no hot air blown out.

Analysis and overhaul: Check the fan and heater normal, to test the SCR gate without triggering voltage, measurement control transistor Ⅵ c very rectangular wave signal output, suspicion is the photoelectric coupler bad E, multimeter Rxl0 photoelectric coupler ③, ④ feet of the positive and reverse resistance are infinite, normal forward resistance should be a number of M, The reverse resistance is infinite, and the decision is to open the inner photosensitive tube, which causes the SCR gate to not get the triggering voltage and cannot lead through. After replacing the photoelectric coupler, troubleshooting.

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