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Why choose AIKE hand dryers
Jan 17, 2018

AIKE has become an important brand in the hand dryer industry. Since 1994, AIKE has been making hand dryers. With its deep experience and high-quality R&D team, AIKE Hand Dryers manufactures provide unique and customized hand dryers for their customers.


The three main parameters that most customers choose for AIKE hand dryers are efficiency, economic cost, and hygienic. Hand Dryers are built around vacuum motor technology, the compression power of these motors allows, through a thin air outlet, to reach a high speed, and then air blows onto the surface of the skin and quickly blows it out of wet hands.


In addition, air hand dryers are usually used without heating resistance, thus saving less energy and thus saving costs. If customers need heating resistors, AIKE can provide customized services.


In hygienic areas, air hand dryers have made tremendous efforts, even HEPA filters are used to prevent very fine particles (0.3 microns), removing dirt very quickly and this filtering does not slow the spread of microorganisms. AIKE chose a copper filter to prevent the growth of fewer microorganisms. In addition, AIKE uses ABS plastic and antibacterial coatings to improve the bacteria-free proliferation of the recovery area where most microorganisms are located.

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