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Which brand of Hand dryer is good? How to choose hand dryer brand?
Jan 18, 2018

Talking about the hand dryer, we are not unfamiliar because we often see them in the hotel, shopping malls, bar toilets. An excellent hand dryer, not only can dry the user's hands quickly, but also can bring a good experience for users, increase the cleanliness of the bathroom, thus indirectly increase the hotel, shopping malls, bar traffic.


When choosing a hand dryer, firstly, we must understand the brand awareness of the hand dryer. Among the many hand dryer brands, well-known Chinese enterprises, clean environment leader: AIKE hand dryer manufacturers stand out from the competition, with high quality and fine hand dryer occupied the domestic and international market share quickly, especially stainless steel hand dryers, deeply loved by consumers.


Moreover, when choosing a hand dryer brand, we need to check if the performance of the hand dryer is as expected. Thousands of experiments show that the advanced smart chip control and IR flash technology used in the AIKE stainless steel hand dryers perfectly completes the function of "reaching out, closing the hand and stopping" functions, with stable performance and low power consumption. Its stainless steel hand dryers are widely used in factories, hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals, banks, schools and other places, the machine started quickly and sensitively, energy efficient.


AIKE hand dryer manufacturers committed to becoming the leader in the industry, to provide users with high-quality hand dryers, soap dispensers, and other products. Nowadays, AIKE hand dryer manufacturers have become the preferred brand of buyers,  which made lots of customers trust.

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