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What should I get for a cost-effective product?
Oct 25, 2018

Take the hand dryer, you should get the following but not limited to the purchase of cost-effective products:

1. Good manufacturing base

The brand has a long time to accumulate, has manufacturing capabilities and experience, has its own research and development team and patented technology.

2. the brand image of the atmosphere is good reputation

Using the same hand dryers from the Hangzhou Asian Games and the London Olympic venues, using the same paragraph of the Shanghai Hilton Hotel, using the same paragraph of the Canton Fair Pazhou Complex, will it be different from choosing a small brand product?

3. the internal configuration of the product is good

For example, a good motor, filter.

The hand dryer motor is good, and the product is durable. Select rare earth permanent magnet brushless motor, high speed and stable operation, can achieve high speed of hundreds of thousands of revolutions per minute, 7 seconds dry hands. The brushless motor has no carbon brush wear and will not be damaged for a long time.

 4. behind the service team

It is convenient after sale and can be sent back to the original factory if there is any problem. Any opinions and suggestions can be exchanged with professional after-sales and engineers.

 5. the product price is reasonable

Different configurations have different natural prices and are important for your industry. Professional sales will not recommend you expensive, it will be recommended according to your purchase amount, budget, use place, and recommended for the crowd.

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