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what is the hand dryer
Apr 09, 2018

The hand dryer is a sanitary appliance appliance that uses a hand-drying hand or blow-drying handpiece in an bathroom, and is divided into an induction-type automatic hand dryer and a manual hand dryer. It is mainly used in hotels, restaurants, research institutes, hospitals, public entertainment venues, and toilets for each family. When you wash your hands, extend your hands under the air outlet of the automatic hand dryer. The automatic hand dryer will automatically send comfortable warm air, quickly let your hands wet and dry, and when you leave the hand dryer At the same time, it automatically shuts down the wind and shuts down, and it can meet the requirement of hindering the cross infection of pathogens. In addition, the hand dryer overcomes the disadvantage that existing hand dryers can not easily cause the temperature of the hand to be excessively high when out of the air in multiple directions, and provides a hand dryer that can circulate air in multiple directions and is used at the air outlet of hand dryers. An air guiding device is provided. The air guiding device has a wind deflector, and the technical scheme of the air circulation of the hand dryer is not directed through the rotation of the air guide device or the swing of the air guide blade.

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