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The meaning and benefits of hand dryers for society
Apr 13, 2018

First: the development of science and technology

With the continuous development of science and technology, the technical aspects of the hand dryer industry have also made great progress. For the enhanced control of the air volume, there will be no large and small air volume situations; the appearance of the work is also increasingly sophisticated, while the safety of the materials used at the same time has also been improved, and will also maintain the original advantages.


Second: Cost advantage

Before we used the toilets, we usually washed our hands with water and then wiped our hands dry with paper towels. The use of paper towels in homes is more appropriate because the population in the home is small, so the cost of paper towels used is not very high; if you use paper towels in public places, it will cause waste of paper towels and the cost will increase. . However, the use of hand dryers only consumes a certain amount of power, which reduces the cost. Therefore, the use of this kind of machine will be more extensive in the future.


Third: The expansion of sales area

With the development of economic globalization, economies around the world are gradually gathering together and AIKE's hand dryer products can be purchased in their own countries. Especially stainless steel hand dryer, mini hand dryer, jet hand dryer, air hand dryer and customized hand dryer. AIKE hand dryer manufacturer has motor experience for more than 24 years. In addition, due to the widespread use of hand dryers in the world, the development momentum of hand dryers is even more robust.

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