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The jet dryer has several characteristics
Nov 27, 2017

Quick Dry Hands

Ordinary dry cell phone wind speed is only 15 m/s, dry hand time is generally more than 25 seconds, while the jet dryer wind speed of more than 60 m/s, strong two-sided jet air quickly put the water droplets dry, time only 5-6 seconds, improve the efficiency.

Low energy consumption

Ordinary dry cell phone's thermal power is above 1500W, hair dryer is also more than 100W, power consumption infinite; and jet dry mobile phone only rely on strong jet airflow dry hands, only 650W, is the current market power of the lowest dry phone, your monthly electricity consumption is the only operation of the mobile phone costs, coupled with dry hands time is very fast , saving energy and saving operating costs.

Easy Maintenance

In the use of dual-sided jet dry phone, you do not waste time to deal with the cost of paper towels, add new paper towels and change the work of towels, you simply need to clean the drainage tank located under the mainframe can be.

Antibacterial and environmental protection

Ordinary dry cell phone because there is no pallet design, water droplets often wet the ground or splash on the guests, caused two of pollution; the unique contactless dry hand system of the jet dry phone provides the highest level of sanitary and clean procedure, and has anti-bacterial coating in the dry hand area, drainage trough and drainage pipe, which fully meets the stringent hygienic needs of all types of toilets. At the same time, two-sided jet dry mobile phones do not need to use paper towels, to solve the problem of waste, to help and reduce the global consumption of wood resources, enhance corporate image.

High-end quality

Ordinary dry phone varieties, the quality of the uneven, appearance is also stingy, and advanced bathroom top configuration has been out of tune; Jet dry mobile phones as a new generation of dry phones, the atmosphere of luxurious shape, in line with the design of human science, so that advanced bathroom into the ultimate perfect era.

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