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The Function of New Stainless Steel Mini Hand Dryer
Jan 24, 2018

AIKE new stainless steel mini hand dryer has six elements. Firstly, Quick Dry: High power air blow, 10-15 seconds dry time, quick dry for your hands. Secondly, HEPA Filter: Building-in HEPA Filter to proven to 99.9% bacteria at 0.3 microns from the air flow on hand. Thirdly, Hot Air/Cold Air: Hot air can be kept in low temperature and cold air in high. Fourthly, Durable Construction: Using thickness 304 stainless steel one-piece molded cover, stable and durable. Fifthly, Stylish Shape: Stylish design shape, polished/brushed color finishing for choose and custom styles are also supported. Sixthly, Concealed Wire: Concealed wire hole on a base plate prepared for hidden wire.


Moreover, compared with other hand dryers price, the price of new stainless steel mini hand dryer is affordable, not too expensive, just below 100$ piece. Other hand dryer price like Dyson or XLERATOR, the price is higher in hand dryer industry.


Finally, AIKE new stainless steel mini hand dryer enjoy a good reputation for their excellent quality and service in domestic and international markets. In addition, our business concept is "Sincere, Innovating, Developing ",we hope to grow up together with all our customers 

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