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the advantages of hand dryer
Mar 31, 2018

Hand dryers have become an important part of the market and are growing. Obvious positive trends in hand dryer applications can be seen in the food industry, health and leisure facilities, and industrial and office buildings. In most cases using hand dryers, electric hand drying is the most suitable solution considering efficiency and ecological issues. Unfortunately, the strong and powerful lobby produced by paper mills has prevented the spread of appliances with equipment levels between 10% and 15%. While providing wrong theories on health issues, they encourage large-scale destruction of trees to dry their hands. For example: A ton of paper requires 17 trees. In 2017, when the earth faces major environmental problems, we and the cleaning industry cannot accept this.


Using paper towels at school, people use an average of two tissues each time they wash their hands, assuming at least four times a day. There are 1,000 staff and students using these facilities, using 8,000 tissues each day for $20 each. The calculated waste is an additional $10 and a total of $70 a day. The annual operating cost for a 180-day school year is approximately $12,600. So buying a high-speed hand dryer can pay off in less than a year, and hand dryers are the best choice for toilets today.

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